feature-site-marketingWith local and international experience, we can help you to access new markets in English and German language. As the Internet is a global machine, it is essential to be able to sell and connect with audiences and clients globally.  We specialize in Facebook Marketing and Online Business Creation. To be able to engage your clients, you should know as much as possible  and be able to re-target them. Our marketing has one simple goal: capture as much data as possible from the audience we engage with Facebook and Mobile Campaigns. In a long term, you will be able to massively reduce your marketing expenses as this will be free traffic for direct marketing your special offers to them.

With 10 years of experience in the media and direct marketing industry we don’t wait until the clients find us. We actively target and put your offer in front of them.

But there is more… of course we not ONLY rely on direct marketing. We want to get found online. We use Social Media Traffic hacking strategies and can optimize your Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn for you so you have a fair advantage towards your competition.

Maybe you would like to build your brand by becoming a bestseller author? No worries, we can do this for you.


PR & Media Planning

With a huge network within the tech-media industry (music, prolight and sound) in Europe, we can develop and deliver PR and content marketing campaigns to raise awareness on the German speaking market for you.



Product Placements


Newsletter integration

Competitions and raffles

Media Co-operations

Digital Marketing

Online Business Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Facebook Ad Optimization

Project Management

Hire us to save time and concentrate on the most important things: the results.

We can manage your campaigns. Run the daily business communication with agencies, clients and other stakeholders, to make sure campaigns get delivered in time and within budget.

We manage and approve advertising, content and media production, monitor campaigns, analyze, report and optimize.

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