Accounting made easy with Xero

In 2006, a New Zealand company launched the accounting software Xero. For small businesses like us, this meant faster and more reliable access to all of our accounting details and client base.

Xero is suitable equally for large enterprise companies, but at the same time, it is user-friendly and easy to navigate for an average user. With different packages and payment models (learn more here) they offer a great and refreshing solution for payroll, accounting, contact management and much more.

Why Xero?

In search of an accounting solution for our company, we looked for software following requirements: smart, easy to use and suitable for our needs. That is how we discovered Xero. Today we would like to share this quick review with you as this program is saving us a lot of time, and we know that many  internet marketers and small business owners have one thing in common: CHAOS when it comes to tax time. Accounting software can prevent you from this stress, if you keep it up to date. Of course there is different software out there, so make sure you do your own research and find the most suitable for your needs.

We find Xero intuitive, easy to maintain and an easy to use software solution.

It is entirely cloud-based, and it allows us to run all of our accounting from a browser. All of the information is up to date, and we can log in from our office, home or mobile. Another advantage is that the installation process does not require extensive manuals, hiring people and additional training on how to use it. As a cloud based software, Xero makes all of the updates, and we as a user are not required to do any of additional installations.

The intuitive design and interface allow easy navigation through tools, client base, files and status of each customer.

A lot to choose for our business

Xero has over 500 add-ons. It does not mean all 500 add-ons apply to all of the packages and offers. But it’s nice to know we have options to upgrade our package when it becomes necessary. Check this link for more details. 

Add-ons such as Office 365, PayPal, Stripe integration, bank feed, and improved payroll accounting options have been introduced with software update in 2016.

If you use the software for payroll purposes, it has options to input hourly wages, annual leave, sick days, and also calculates taxes on the state level. It makes payroll much quicker.

As already mentioned, there is an  intuitive and friendly user interface. The best example is the reporting feature. Ready-made templates can be applied across the entire platform and client base. It is not just reporting we found easy to handle.

Invoicing is also done the smart way. The overview shows status, outstanding balance, and recent transactions. Sending invoices can be done using templates in which we can add the company logo and contact details; Another option is custom made invoicing templates. Meaning we can import an invoicing template we had before and continue to use it through Xero. Invoices in PDF form are sent to customers with links on direct payment via Paypal/Stripe or credit/debit cards.

As we are a marketing company, we like the contact management feature. Clients can be assigned to specific groups, or Xero will place them in files according to locations, expenditures, status and much more. Why is this helpful? Simple- with an organized contact base we can direct our campaigns for particular groups, based on the group profile, without doing any additional steps.


Xero supports clients

Xero provides  visibility to their customers.

They do not offer phone support, and the phone App still needs polishing. But support is available 24/7 via email or live chat.  Also, you can contact Xero via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Interactive guides across the platform allow finding new features or simple instructions on how to use smart software like Xero. In 2016 Xero opened new offices worldwide. Today they are present in US, Singapore, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Simplicity and user-friendly approach make Xero a healthy and smart alternative to some other accounting software. Xero showed up to be a right choice for our company. If you would like to test the software for a month, you can register here for a free trial.



Jan 27, 2017

Web Development

Whether you need a personal website, a customer getting machine or an event website, we have you covered. We will work with you to build a website that meets your business objectives.

We offer a broad range of packages like:

Custom Made Websites

We will build  beautiful and effective websites that works well on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. You tell us what you want and we build it to spec. Highly recommended if it is your first website. We design your colour scheme, content & navigation. We train you and load initial content for you. (Max 15 pages).


E-Commerce Website

We will design and develop a website that will have you taking secure internet orders. We will provide you with tools for product management, payment processing, shipping integration and search engine optimisation.


Lead Generation Website

We will build an effective website for getting people to join your mailing list. We work with you to create an ethical bribe, and drive traffic to your website from social media or PPC.


Personal Website Design

We design personal websites that work well across different computers, tablets and mobile phones. Your site will adapt and respond smoothly to the size of your visitors screens.


Pre-Made Directory Website

This is a business in box package. We offer a large and highly customisable set of key features coupled with a standards compliant interface. Weather your starting plumbers directory, local pubs directory or a business directory for restaurants, our directory platform can handle it!


Pre-Made WordPress Website

This is the fastest way we can help you get up and running with a professional website.  We have beautiful pre-made designs that work well across different computers, tablets and mobile phones. Your site will adapt and respond smoothly to the size of your visitors screens.

Mar 09, 2015